Zsync to save bandwidth

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Zsync to save bandwidth

Post by Mayhem » Thu Aug 11, 2005 17:20

This post is only useful if you have an old copy of the TC:E or ETF installer on your system. If you don't, stop reading ;)

Today saw liflg's fifth revision of the TC:E 0.48 installer (true.combat.elite_0.48-english-5.run). If you already have true.combat.elite_0.48-english-4.run you can save yourself over 80% of the new download.

* Read all about zsync and install the program onto your system
* change to the directory containing true.combat.elite_0.48-english-4.run
* execute the following:

Code: Select all

zsync -i true.combat.elite_0.48-english-4.run http://liflg.matrixau.com/zsync/true.combat.elite_0.48-english-5.run.zsync
A small .zsync file will be downloaded, which contains checksum data. Parts from the old file that are unchanged will be matched, then the remaining parts needed for the new release will be downloaded from the web.

I have also made a .zsync for etf_1.6-english-2.run.

Hopefully some of you will find this useful to save a bit of downloading :)

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