Idea for addition to installer

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Idea for addition to installer

Post by Imerion » Thu Aug 18, 2005 18:00

I recently found out about two interesting projects aiming to enchance Quake 2, like Tenebrae or Darkplaces for Quake 1. These are "Quake 2 Evolved" ( and "QFusion" ( Do you think it would be possible to include any of them with the Q2 installer? Would be neat...

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Post by kingron » Mon Aug 22, 2005 15:06

hi imerion,

thanks for the links ...looks nice.

q2 evolved:
is not ready to use native under linux ...his programmer
has some problems to bring the client to linux. we will see whats happen in the future. (well but it works with cedega)

there is a working linux port available ...should be possible to build something ;)

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