REQ: Need For Speed Most Wanted

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REQ: Need For Speed Most Wanted

Post by Belial » Mon Nov 21, 2005 13:54

I've tried to install Need for speed: Most Wanted with latest Cedega version (5.0.1)
But the installer complains about DirectX 9.0c :?
I've tried to change DirectXVersion=9.0c to 9.0b in Autorun/autorun.cfg but this didn't work, the installer just starts complaining that DirectX 9.0b isn't installed...
Can somebody help or suggest some possible solutions, because I really want tot start playing NFS: MW
(Some installer with a workaround would be great 2 :))


Post by maznislav » Fri Dec 09, 2005 11:01

Ok to install

copy disk one to some director:
cp -a /mnt/cdrom/* /some_directory/

edit the file /some_directory/AutoRun/autorun.cfg
change DirectXVersion=9.0c to DirectXVersion=0

now run /some_directory/Autorun.exe with -winver=winxp to install

use the fix described by Blint above ... :
3. Download this file: ... l?d3dx9_26
4. Copy to your transgaming c_drive/windows/system32/ folder

run the game with -winver=winxp
copy from

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