Argh...A plea for a link for the Far Cry installer

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Killer Bee

Argh...A plea for a link for the Far Cry installer

Post by Killer Bee » Mon Jun 25, 2007 23:58

As recent (as in 1 hour ago) purchaser of Far Cry, i looked in App DB at wine and found Far Cry was gold rated ( i actually did this in store). All the raters had used the loki installer. As I purchased the 5-cd version, wine will not install (i have never been able to eject the CD in any of my systems ever, despite trying to fix it).

As such, and with the knowledge that regular wine will not work well for me and that the Loki installer works famously, i beg for a link, torrent, treasure map, or compass leading to the proper download. I have surveyed the other replies that have been given, and realize you may turn me down. However, i hope you invest some effort or part of your knowledge, and i thank you in advance. I have already mostly scoured google, and have had no luck. Sorry for inconvenience, and i support the ideas behind the decision you made to drop wine programs. :cry:

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Post by kratz00 » Tue Jun 26, 2007 18:02

No way those installers are history :)

Whats the problem installing FarCry?

Wine should handle multiple cd/dvd.

For multi-CD install:
- Run winecfg and make sure that your cd-rom drive is mapped to a drive (d: for example).
- Start install from outside the mount point: open CD-ROM in winefile then double click on he exe file which starts the installation
cd ~ && wine explorer d:\\
- When asked to change CD, in the separate terminal run
wine eject d: (or what ever your cd-rom drive is
- Insert next CD and mount it (browse to it with Window Manager's "file browser"). If CD isn't mounted Wine won't see it



Post by rugburns499 » Thu Sep 20, 2007 10:37

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