UT GOTY Fedora 16 no sound

Need help with one of the installers?
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UT GOTY Fedora 16 no sound

Postby HolyPhoenix » Mon Dec 19, 2011 0:37

Hi, I am having trouble getting the sound to work for UT GOTY. Other than that the installer on the front page works.

There were speed issues but I got around those using a custom launch script someone created, that I can post if someone needs it.

I tried a couple of work arounds posted on the internet for the sound, so far nothing works. Any ideas? There is absolutely no sound at all, it isn't the usual cracking noise.

I will be trying the installer I have that is for testing for ut2004 on Fedora 16 as soon as I get back to school, because I accidently left my cd there. I got busy with this semester of school and have not been around to defend Fedora and the Unreal Tournament saga. Sorry everyone. But I still check up and see how things are going every once and a while. :)

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