NWN updater?

Need help with one of the installers?
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NWN updater?

Post by Olliwood » Wed Jan 05, 2005 22:56

Hi all,

I don't want to make any trouble as you had enough as like lower posts but the new NWN-1.65 installer isn't suiteable for updating, am I right? Is it planned? I do not want to reinstall that to find out, if its working so I --noexec --keep that script and installed myself.

Regards Oliver


Post by schoki » Thu Jan 06, 2005 2:36

at the moment is no update in work.

I must release the NWN update as an installer, :(
because i have some problems witk the loki_patch tool under the x86_64 arch :oops:

i hope i can fix this soon and then there will be new updates available :D

i need some tester for the nwn multilanguage installer

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