UT99 with S3TC Textures and Onlinefix

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UT99 with S3TC Textures and Onlinefix

Post by varkatope » Wed Sep 14, 2005 9:04


I always playd ut99 with the highres-textures S3TC from the second cd.
I also playd online without problems after i applied the S3TC-fix which can be found here.
Unfortunately this patch seems only to exist for windows.
So my question is, if there is a way to integrate this patch in the loki installer to be checked or not and be applied automatically when installing the S3TC textures.
In the meantime I would be very happy if someone could give me a workaround for that problem that accurs if you dont apply the fix and try to play on internet-servers (hockey-player-syndrom).

Greetz Varka

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Post by kratz00 » Wed Sep 14, 2005 10:24


is this a windows only fix or not?

if yes why should we put it in the installer?

as i know their is no fix for linux so if you want to play mp don't install the s3tc textures

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