problem with conflict: freespace the great war

Need help with one of the installers?
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problem with conflict: freespace the great war

Post by horst » Tue Jan 10, 2006 16:54

i've tried the freespace-installer ( installs fine, runs fine but at the end of training mission 3 the game crashes with:

$ ./freespace
Error: (src/parse/sexp.cpp:4699): Mission name SM1-01.fsm not found in campaign file for next-mission command

next time i run the game i have to repeat training mission 3. anyone else has this?

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Post by kratz00 » Tue Jan 10, 2006 17:03

i think you should better report client bugs to the freespace2 mailinglist see for more information


Post by horst » Tue Jan 10, 2006 17:13

but this is not freespace 2. do you have this bug, too?

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Post by kratz00 » Tue Jan 10, 2006 17:18

i don't own a copy of freespace

this project is called freespace2 thats right but it be also used to play freespace, got it?


Post by horst » Tue Jan 10, 2006 17:26

am i the only one playing this game? is there an archive for the freespace2 mailing list?

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Post by kratz00 » Tue Jan 10, 2006 17:37

we just made the installer and are not responsible for the sourcecode
and we are also not related to this project

subscribe to the mailinglist and you will get instructions how you can get older messages

and i don't think you are the only one playing freespace :)


Post by horst » Tue Jan 10, 2006 17:50

i'm sure you aren't responsible for anything. but you've made the installer and aren't playing the game? hm...

i'm already subscribed and posted my question but only received instructions on how to unsubscribe. no word about archives.

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Post by kratz00 » Tue Jan 10, 2006 18:37

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Post by fatty » Sun Jan 15, 2006 19:03

Hi horst, I'm the one who tested the installer several times and I had no problems, yet.

I haven't tested the whole game, but mission 'SM1-01' is THE mission I tested the functionality with.

To ensure you used the same datafiles, here are my md5 hash:

Code: Select all

d8e5c801a54380c0eb2ec385f408c799  ./Data/freespace.vp
b5ded3787e8688c1fef42da94cd7e0f1  ./Data/cbanim.vp
497e4300465d021d94ee4199162da428  ./Data/voc.vp
4454c2458f728b4d5e78fe60cd947a8a  ./root.vp
97783d75439a9783d897466732e4aaa2  ./fs1.vp


Post by horst » Fri Jan 27, 2006 22:44

these are my files. they match:

Code: Select all

d8e5c801a54380c0eb2ec385f408c799  Data/freespace.vp
b5ded3787e8688c1fef42da94cd7e0f1  Data/cbanim.vp
497e4300465d021d94ee4199162da428  Data/voc.vp
4454c2458f728b4d5e78fe60cd947a8a  root.vp
97783d75439a9783d897466732e4aaa2  fs1.vp
layout of my install cds named Freespace_1 and FREESPACE_2:

Code: Select all

835109b66b648b59f6c6ae4559104626  ./Autorun.inf
8dd6b28ddaa71bf946d7e1ca9dd8af29  ./CMS16.DLL
e464619f89b927418a1d28b93923961b  ./CMS32_NT.DLL
b4982e22baed493c6cc6a4db72ddd9a1  ./DATA.TAG
b5ded3787e8688c1fef42da94cd7e0f1  ./Data/cbanim.vp
d8e5c801a54380c0eb2ec385f408c799  ./Data/freespace.vp
68b7b1bb9a7c35509d9e566f736a7c69  ./Data/movies/INTRO.MVE
0b0a4ca5ed143a5064c75512753121c2  ./Data/movies/LAB.MVE
907bfd5feff0f934040508ca5e277a81  ./Data/movies/ancients1.mve
0a6ea30dfc9306e86729a74c790410da  ./Data/movies/commandbrief.mve
eed05559bb6f6fa34fa713f9ccd3173a  ./Data/pxo.cfg
24a01fe14b3a25a9dbb65e500f371fbe  ./Data/pxohelp.txt
e29d29b4b74b219ca03ef0b6440be8b3  ./Data/std.cfg
b6875730a728bda59a9b874c3ab0a621  ./FSuninst.dll
4e8cac513233f25a999db5373efca0b5  ./Fred.hlp
c9f9d9ae28e7c2287c553ac509371a53  ./Fred.rtf
3ff56e95144cb3cb959424855fb71279  ./FreeSpaceAutoRun.exe
0c7ac638fc55ba6d9175c486bc99a1a5  ./FreeSpaceAutoRun.ico
434c9591fefdc2352f2f908a5e0bd6d4  ./Freespace.ex_
38369bacc2bf3c731ccf2c9ed7fac71c  ./SETUP.EXE
4dd77dc3b3fcd60b5822c6ecd19e180f  ./SETUP.INI
8db6fa678163e440c9c0328a44a752f1  ./_INST32I.EX_
cd209af116614554405a336aad013c14  ./_ISDEL.EXE
2bda5a3433c4964a817f66cf95772578  ./_SETUP.DLL
c92df40ae2c05d33b2e164302134f351  ./
6c5e9a5f5a2ce402e2642406d3c1ebd0  ./
6ee2aa3006345e0f8dd503a77ddb71b7  ./cms32_95.dll
136f672a4c3e8eae1188dc1b41607ba5  ./
2780d2abaf0dd61bc9472f27dce3b68a  ./directx/dx5eng.exe
ad3cc9982861ee1ee05ddbbf6ae39bc1  ./ereg/EREG.BIN
6141510cefaa094fbed1225306affbb7  ./ereg/EREG3201.DLL
b91be213797e2a66c8e1d2bd55de645a  ./ereg/EREGUI32.DLL
accf59c64b4c5555c301d923dfc60e81  ./ereg/INTER.BMP
805f750fae63e855ef9151e88136f47d  ./ereg/PRTBODY.TXT
2d99c65147db23427545b3a303e00b55  ./ereg/REG32A.EXE
6b4ee4e5d4fe52ca80f2654d9f7fdf5f  ./ereg/REGFAX.TXT
a01c2fee4b6527e01ab9edf529341d14  ./ereg/REGMAIL.TXT
ecc43c38942ad440c2ef1407e3b0acc0  ./ereg/REGRCRD.TXT
8f232a803c060b09925ba8579ae55a24  ./ereg/REGXMIT.TXT
cd83f95ed4ac2402240e7e7c64407348  ./ereg/eregui.ini
34c5ec8795c16d4fd897f151894ea1a3  ./fred.ex_
4b97b9b5abebec9ffd8a5a6c2b296e8a  ./freespace.fsc
81dec73f33d5197e00ba9062ff8f5689  ./fs.ex_
d0754bcefd6ee3ebc144beaf9e193332  ./lang.dat
4cc8a8bfd40f3a7a06761060b19b7f99  ./layout.bin
007ac0a144c425a129e09ce57ac0cfb3  ./m-altair.fsc
86440e281df883c397fe8970951b0c29  ./m-hope.fsc
af1d8d9435cb10fe2f4b4215eaf6bec4  ./os.dat
df656e62fde2365c531cf5dc8197491f  ./patchw32.dll
2f6193383304c21632b573ff51e632d0  ./readme.txt
e391341c0158bce10cde8c539fd16c9a  ./refcard.rtf
da8e99f5d9f94069e82a55b6f42af5b1  ./root.vp
5d4795f2e862041c72db9b301f4b7aa2  ./setup.bmp
99adea49b10603a8be6d6a1b5c1d7530  ./setup.ins
6f810174546a1aaddbe18c23706c771d  ./setup.lid

Code: Select all

4a1c14fc697cb6ce8134bc34019d377b  ./data/movies/ENDGAME.MVE
ac6a2c0c1c8cd3f983127450ed239e29  ./data/movies/ancients2.mve
1a41313a83ecdcc549471579649b11b5  ./data/movies/ancients3.mve
3692e57b6e6a00c344867bca4978d576  ./data/movies/ancients4.mve
e878af96af483a8032fbdb69587b6703  ./data/movies/ancients5.mve
b22b18ec8f3cbcb19a116a92287ef732  ./data/movies/hallfight.mve
497e4300465d021d94ee4199162da428  ./data/voc.vp

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Post by fatty » Sun Jan 29, 2006 17:50

Very strange.

I have some additional files on my first CD, but the data files have identical checksums. Even the structure is the same.

At the moment I'm running out of ideas, what's going wrong :?

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