[Unreal Anthology] An Howto create a Loki Installer

Need help with one of the installers?
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[Unreal Anthology] An Howto create a Loki Installer

Post by Triton » Wed Apr 25, 2007 20:04


As everyone might know, no Loki Installer exists for the versions of Unreal Gold, Unreal II, Unreal Tournament and UT2004 included in the DVD Unreal Anthology from Midway.

As it seems to be the last way to buy UT2004 (as well as for the other ones, as far as I know), it might be interesting to have one (or four).

I know you guys have a lot to do so I've collected some informations that may be useful : As this is still a lot of work, I wonder if some howto exists for the creation of a loki installer so that I could do it myself (and send it to the community, of course).

When searching on the web for howto create loki installer (or variations like how-to create loki installer CVS), I've found something on OpenUT but it seems to be neither accurate (UT99 open source development) nor up-to-date (discontinued on 9th January 2001). Can anyone tell me if such a howto exists ?


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Post by kratz00 » Wed Apr 25, 2007 20:45

Not really but for a start

1. http://icculus.org/loki_setup/
2. get loki_setup
3. have a close look at the image directory and especially at README.xml
4. get one of our installers and run it with --keep --noexec to get a sample


Post by lat » Thu May 31, 2007 19:48

I started to write down a few common things some time ago to remember it later but with your keywords you should've already read it.

Afair another user also experimented with installers and planned to write it down but at first in german (at least I think so). I think it was rettichschnidi. I can look into my old mails but as he didn't response in this thread yet he probably hasn't. :)


Post by dasy2k1 » Thu Oct 18, 2007 20:30

you may want to check out

that describes the steps needed to install UT2004 form the anthology...
it worked for me fine

lets hope it helps and that you manage to get UT99 and teh other 2 working soon

I for one will download the installer!

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