UT99 keyboard problems

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UT99 keyboard problems

Post by dive » Fri May 25, 2007 2:52

Hi, I've been running UT 436 for a couple of years now but theres are a couple of things that I've been trying to fix without much success.

That is that some keys are read wrong in the game - i.e. if I press the . period key, it is read by UT as delete. There are a few keys that this happen to. I am wondering if my keyboard is being read as US when it is in fact a UK keyboard or some such problem.

The second thing I have been trying to do is to use separate software like xmodmap to remap my mouse buttons to keystrokes so I can use my mouse thumb buttons. But UT doesn't see the remaps at all, like it bypasses software and talks directly to mouse.

Any ideas how I can fix the keyboard bug and remap mouse buttons?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - got the International Assault Cup starting this week and it would be great to use extra mouse buttons :)


Post by wj4m32 » Fri Jun 01, 2007 12:37

Hello there dive,

it's more than likely that UT has been coded to read the Keyboard buffer & Mouse buffer with BIOS Interupts or similar. short of recodeing UT i'm not sure how i would get that to work on Linux.

unless you can change the input device to a custom device that would correct the key inputs etc with that application.

I use SuSE 10.2 (x86_64) and UT was running fine (bar some weird speed issues :P)

check that the Window manager / everywhere else in Linux (maybe even the XServer config) that your layout is UK

being a Windows programmer (that has only ever touched on Linux programming a few times) i'm pretty useless at finding what is wrong here, hopefully someone can shed some light.


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