Quake2 install error on x86_64

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Quake2 install error on x86_64

Post by etlpkby » Sun Mar 23, 2008 19:10


Hope this forum can help me. I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) alpha6 release on AMD64 arch. When I install quake2 I get the following error

loki_setup: 2 Unable to find file 'q2_3.21+r0.16-x86.1_64.tar.bz2' in '/tmp/selfgz25848'

Otherwise the install completes OK, and when I click 'start game' I get the error (after I modded quake.sh and uncommented the CMD_ARGS for x86_65 arch)

------- sound initialization -------
sound sampling rate: 11025
------- Loading ref_softx.so -------
LoadLibrary("ref_softx.so") failed: No such file or directory
Refresh failed
recursive shutdown
Error: Couldn't fall back to software refresh!
-> Red 1.300, Green 1.300, Blue 1.300
<- Red 1.000, Green 1.000, Blue 1.000


I suspect the installer error is the reason it is failing. Can anyone help?


Post by etlpkby » Sun Mar 23, 2008 23:03

ok - with some help (thanks Dave) I managed to get Quake2 running on my (Ubuntu 8.04) x86_64 system but not via the Loki installer.

1) sudo apt-get install quake2 quake2-data

In my (synaptic) I had no 'quake2' just 'quake2-data' - so picked my amd64 quake2 here

http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/poo ... /q/quake2/

installed amd64 version.

2) Put the cd in the drive

3) Become root

sudo sulogin

4) Copy files from the original cd:

cd /usr/lib/games/quake2/baseq2
cp /media/cdrom/Install/Data/baseq2/pak0.pak .
cp /media/cdrom/Install/Data/baseq2/players/male/* players/male
cp /media/cdrom/Install/Data/baseq2/players/female/* players/female
cp /media/cdrom/Install/Data/baseq2/videos/* videos

5) Run it (as normal user)

Sound was screwy, so to fix

(cd /usr/lib/games/quake2)
quake2.real +set vid_ref glx +set snddriver ao


I can't get fullscreen working - Options->fullscreen =yes does not do it.

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Post by kratz00 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 12:30

Hi etlpkby,

thank you very much for your feedback.
This installer is quite old and it has not support for 64bit Linux but with your information I'm going to change this as soon as possible, would you like to test the new installer then?

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Post by Hans-Karl » Sun Mar 01, 2009 22:15

Yes, I want to test the new installer ! :D
Or is it one that is online ?

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Post by kratz00 » Mon Mar 02, 2009 22:43

Hi Hans-Karl,

nope it's not, i totally forget this one, it's now on my todo list, right now i'm having some trouble, so it may take some while.

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