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[UT GOTY]Installer needs GTK1

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 13:05
by kriko

GTK1 is obsolete and my distro doesn't ship it anymore. Is it possible to install UT manually?

I've also tried to install GTK1 from unsupported source - the installer launches, but it crashes right just before it starts decompressing maps.

(Opensuse 11.3RC2 x86_64)

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 19:11
by kratz00
The only thing I can offer right now, is a workaround:

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sh --noexec --keep &&
cd unreal.tournament_436-multilanguage.goty &&

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 22:38
by kriko
Awesome. but at some point it asks me what to install:
- Base install
- (empty)

what is that empty entry? S3TC textures?

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 20:29
by kratz00
OMG the curses interface has some problems :)

You can choose to install standard or S3TC textures.
Standard is the default.

Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 21:57
by kriko
I've managed to install and patch UT. It works flawlessly.
Thank you!

Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 22:13
by kratz00
You are welcome.