icewind dale

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icewind dale

Post by chey » Sun Jun 17, 2007 3:02

Hi me again

saw your installer for icewind dale so i thought i would give that a go

started the installation ok but when i got to the request for disk 2 i inserted it as normal, the disk mounted, cliked on yes and nada nothing happend

hope you guys have a solution for me



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Post by kingron » Sun Jun 17, 2007 8:28

i'll try :P but first gimme a 'ls -R' of your second iwd CD please ...


Post by sadziu » Tue Jun 19, 2007 10:32

I have the same problem with this installer.

pawel@tahoe$ ls -R /mnt/cdrom0
Autorun.dat Autorun.exe Autorun.inf CD2 Icewind.ico


AR100A.cbf AR210D.cbf AR4002.cbf AR5204.cbf AR600A.cbf AR8011.cbf CREmhis.cbf
AR100B.cbf AR3000.cbf AR4003.cbf AR5301.cbf AR600B.cbf AR8012.cbf CREmler.cbf
AR100C.cbf AR3001.cbf AR4004.cbf AR5302.cbf AR6010.cbf AR8013.cbf CREmli3.cbf
AR100D.cbf AR3101.cbf AR4005.cbf AR5303.cbf AR6011.cbf CREman2.cbf CREmmy2.cbf
AR1100.cbf AR3201.cbf AR5000.cbf AR5304.cbf AR7000.cbf CREman3.cbf CREmmyc.cbf
AR1105.cbf AR3301.cbf AR5001.cbf AR5401.cbf AR7001.cbf CREmani.cbf CREmno3.cbf
AR110A.cbf AR3401.cbf AR5002.cbf AR5402.cbf AR7004.cbf CREmaru.cbf CREmshr.cbf
AR110B.cbf AR3501.cbf AR5003.cbf AR5403.cbf AR7005.cbf CREmbe1.cbf CREmtan.cbf
AR110C.cbf AR3502.cbf AR5004.cbf AR5404.cbf AR700A.cbf CREmbe2.cbf CREmyu1.cbf
AR120X.cbf AR3503.cbf AR5101.cbf AR5502.cbf AR8001.cbf CREmbrh.cbf CREmyu2.cbf
AR2000.cbf AR3600.cbf AR5102.cbf AR6000.cbf AR8008.cbf CREmcyc.cbf CREmyu3.cbf
AR200A.cbf AR3601.cbf AR5103.cbf AR6001.cbf AR8009.cbf CREmetn.cbf IWDCD.2
AR200B.cbf AR3602.cbf AR5104.cbf AR6002.cbf AR800A.cbf CREmgfi.cbf MVEfile1.bif
AR210A.cbf AR3603.cbf AR5201.cbf AR6003.cbf AR800B.cbf CREmgfr.cbf MVEfile2.bif
AR210B.cbf AR4000.cbf AR5202.cbf AR6005.cbf AR800C.cbf CREmgir.cbf SNDVO.bif
AR210C.cbf AR4001.cbf AR5203.cbf AR6006.cbf AR8010.cbf CREmgve.cbf

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