Our own Steam....maybe

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Our own Steam....maybe

Post by Sombra » Sat Jul 21, 2007 4:27

Hi guys, yesterday i have some free time and start coding another of my stupid projects, maybe it was a good idea and will be nice to hear other opinions.

Well the basic idea is to make a little app that works like steam making a bit easy linux gaming (and others platforms too) coping the steam system. Basicaly we will have a page with the loaders steam-like and with one-click the game come inside other tab and starts installing (offering the great installers here are).

I have lot of work done, if the people agree i try to give as free time as i can. The points that make my idea some kind stupid is 1.we have now this managers like synaptic and maybe there no are reason to make more and 2.get the installers from this page are easy enought, almost for me.

Buy hell, will be funny too ;)
http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/791/ ... zo3sr1.jpg
here the game tab the games are listed below, installing on second plane and game start with one click (some buttons left).

http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/6960 ... zo4wm9.jpg
well this shows a page that contains installers links, "Juego1" downloads DOOM3 installer, and doom3 goes into game tab. Im Web designer but know various languages, its all in C#, during the weekend i will make game portal a bit more presentable.

If any wants i will be happy to share the code. Contact me at sombra2eternity@gmail.com. Cya!


Post by umarzuki » Fri Jan 18, 2008 2:16

nice project! Keep doing it, man! I'll be happy to test it. But Doom3 freaked me out :)

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