Icewind Dale CD2

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Icewind Dale CD2

Post by HeReTiC » Mon Oct 22, 2007 19:44

Hi, I know someone wrote about this problem before, but I could not find any usable answer to fix it here. When I try to install IWD, everything is OK until I am asked to mount CD 2. Installer does not recognize it and asks me to mount it again and again. Can you help me please? Thank you very much.

[heretic@localhost ICEWIND2]$ ls -R


AR100A.cbf* AR3101.cbf* AR5002.cbf* AR5502.cbf* AR8001.cbf* CREmgve.cbf*
AR100B.cbf* AR3201.cbf* AR5003.cbf* AR600A.cbf* AR8008.cbf* CREmhis.cbf*
AR100C.cbf* AR3301.cbf* AR5004.cbf* AR600B.cbf* AR8009.cbf* CREmler.cbf*
AR100D.cbf* AR3401.cbf* AR5101.cbf* AR6000.cbf* AR8010.cbf* CREmli3.cbf*
AR110A.cbf* AR3501.cbf* AR5102.cbf* AR6001.cbf* AR8011.cbf* CREmmyc.cbf*
AR110B.cbf* AR3502.cbf* AR5103.cbf* AR6002.cbf* AR8012.cbf* CREmmy2.cbf*
AR110C.cbf* AR3503.cbf* AR5104.cbf* AR6003.cbf* AR8013.cbf* CREmno3.cbf*
AR1100.cbf* AR3600.cbf* AR5201.cbf* AR6005.cbf* CREmani.cbf* CREmshr.cbf*
AR1105.cbf* AR3601.cbf* AR5202.cbf* AR6006.cbf* CREman2.cbf* CREmtan.cbf*
AR120X.cbf* AR3602.cbf* AR5203.cbf* AR6010.cbf* CREman3.cbf* CREmyu1.cbf*
AR200A.cbf* AR3603.cbf* AR5204.cbf* AR6011.cbf* CREmaru.cbf* CREmyu2.cbf*
AR200B.cbf* AR4000.cbf* AR5301.cbf* AR700A.cbf* CREmbe1.cbf* CREmyu3.cbf*
AR2000.cbf* AR4001.cbf* AR5302.cbf* AR7000.cbf* CREmbe2.cbf* IWDCD.2*
AR210A.cbf* AR4002.cbf* AR5303.cbf* AR7001.cbf* CREmbrh.cbf* MVEfile1.bif*
AR210B.cbf* AR4003.cbf* AR5304.cbf* AR7004.cbf* CREmcyc.cbf* MVEfile2.bif*
AR210C.cbf* AR4004.cbf* AR5401.cbf* AR7005.cbf* CREmetn.cbf* SNDVO.bif*
AR210D.cbf* AR4005.cbf* AR5402.cbf* AR800A.cbf* CREmgfi.cbf*
AR3000.cbf* AR5000.cbf* AR5403.cbf* AR800B.cbf* CREmgfr.cbf*
AR3001.cbf* AR5001.cbf* AR5404.cbf* AR800C.cbf* CREmgir.cbf*

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Post by kingron » Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:35

i'll check that soon. thanks for reporting in ...

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