Setting up UT2004 server + iptables ??? PLEASE HELP

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Setting up UT2004 server + iptables ??? PLEASE HELP

Post by wusch » Sun Jan 13, 2008 19:02

Hello guys...

Help requested on how to set up iptables-firewall for use with Unreal Tournament 2004!!

Can someone please explain how to:

1) set up iptables for UT2004 online gaming (and other games)
2) find a solution for hosting a "list server" game / "dedicated server" game (what's the difference please?)

Currently, when 'firestarter' is enabled, I can in fact download a list of availible game servers, but 'ping' times aren't updated/shown and I can't connect to servers; I've already enabled OUTbound connection on ports 7777 and 7778 with firestarter, but no success so far (I can't seem to specify TCP/UDP - both are needed AFAIK - btw.).

When trying to start a 1on1 server for gaming with a friend, we can't seem to set up a connection; I can't pose a non-dedicated server (I can start the game, but aren't enlisted - probably due to firewall settings) and the friend can set it up (and is also listed in the server's list), but I can't connect it, even if I disable firestarter). We both have used the 'announce server to list' in the server options.

I'm using a simple DSL-modem (direct access), friend is using XP and is behind a DSL/WLAN-router + firewall (Comodo). Obviously, we've got different problems to iron out, in order to 'link together' - where it's not unlikely that the main probs are on my side.

We can both connect to an already listed game-server.

When currently looking at firestarter's events, I get the following OUTbound messages after running UT2004 and trying to start different games/servers;
which one's are actually really needed to be enabled and what all those ports are opened for
port 28902 tcp
port 9778 udp
port 10778 udp
port 7778 udp
port 8001 udp
port 7003 udp
port 7221 udp
port 11777 udp (dedicated)
What's the difference between 'list server' and 'dedicated server'?
When trying to run the latter, I get a game-crash and a terminal-like window will pop up telling me about starting messages of the dedicated server, trying to connect to the master server and and that something's not 'enabled'....


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Post by wusch » Mon Jan 14, 2008 0:42

OK, I could manage to find a solution for simply setting the appropriate firewall rules according to this post: ... t7628.html

Now I just have to work out a solution for settings up a host server that works with my friend!


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Post by kratz00 » Mon Jan 14, 2008 18:52

Good luck and keep in mind this is no dedicated game server help forum, so don't expect any help regarding this topics :)

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